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Notecards Large (Monarch)

bridgette Monarch - Large


buffalo_tribute-mc102.jpg large notecard

Buffalo Tribute - MC102

freedom-mc103.jpg large notecard

Freedom - MC103

tulsa-mc104.jpg large notecard

Tulsa - MC104


Great way to say “Halito!” [Hello!]

All major credit cards are accepted. You do not need a PayPal® account to make a purchase.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. 

Cards (monarch-large)

cards/ms-lc-201.png mixed set large card

4 Set of Cards-mixed set-large cards 
MS-LC-201 $16 set (w/ envelope; includes S/H)

ms-sc-401.png mixed set small card

4 Set of Cards-same large cards 
SS-LC-202 $16 set (w/ envelope; includes S/H)









4 Set of Cards - Monarch - Large


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