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Will Rogers Will Rogers Copyright © 2012 PKARTZ, L.L.C. | All Rights Reserved


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WILL Ink on art board  Original Size: 12” x 16”  1998-Personal Collection  This illustrates several symbols of Oklahoma: the state bird which is the Scissor-tail Flycatcher; the Osage shield that adorns the Oklahoma flag; and Will Rogers, a favorite son of Oklahoma.  The line art techniques used in the piece are stippling (small dots made closer together provides a darker area; farther apart lightens the area) in the Scissor-tail. Parallel lines in the Osage shield, the letters “WILL” and the graphics band on the right side provide variety and contrast. The shadow-image technique was used in the portrait of Will Rogers serves as the focal point with its high contrast.  I used this illustration in my classroom to show students that a variety of techniques may be used and not look overworked. I’ve always enjoyed working with type and you will notice that many of my illustrations include type. 

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Copyright © 2012 PKARTZ, L.L.C. | All Rights Reserved

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