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Colored Pencil/Graphite on art paper - Original Size: 18” x 24” - 2009-Personal Collection.    
This is my tribute to the American Buffalo (yannash) and depicts the importance of a heritage almost lost through extinction, its survival and re-growth to regain in place in nature. I was inspired by watching the herd of Choctaw buffaloes located north of the grounds of Tuska Homma. The massive appearance of this American Indian symbol emphasizes their docile nature, but they will defend if they are provoked. Much may be said of the same parallel of the Choctaws and the acceptance of the American Indian in today’s society. The stretched hide which features the main illustration drawn on the torn paper, symbolizes that beyond life the buffalo provided the American Indian with many uses of survival. A page from my sketch book illustrates my concepts and a study of Choctaw words relating to the buffalo. Today, in some homes of Indian descent, Choctaw is nearly a lost language. The main illustration is in colored pencil and in my opinion; it depicts the strength and the beauty of the buffalo. I have always been fascinated by “yannash,” so I used that as my inspiration.  This piece was entered in the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Art Show in 2009 and I was honored to receive the Choctaw Heritage Award. It was also exhibited at the Smithsonian-North American Indian Museum in Washington, DC, in conjunction with “Choctaw Days” in June, 2011. 
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Copyright © 2012 PKARTZ, L.L.C. | All Rights Reserved

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