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Acrylic on canvas board - Original Size: 20” x 24” - 1979-Personal Collection: 
  The American Bald Eagle has always been a subject I enjoy drawing and painting. This majestic bird has qualities that include strength, grace and endurance. Always aware of its surroundings, the eagle is awesome to watch, whether it is perched or in flight.  Painting in acrylics allows a variety within its properties as the background was created in a watercolor technique by letting the paint run and at the same time letting it blend. The eagle itself was painted in an opaque manner, to showcase the feathers and the wood perch. I also wanted to do a transparent effect with the eagle in flight giving the appearance of transparency through the neck.  “Freedom” means that though there are many difficulties and conflicts, if we persevere, we will be stronger. As the bald eagle almost faced extinction, it has persevered with help and lives in abundance throughout our country. 
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Copyright © 2012 PKARTZ, L.L.C. | All Rights Reserved

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