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Acrylic on leather baseballs - Original Size: Rawlings Official Major League - Personal Collection:
I have also enjoyed playing baseball and in the 7th grade, my two career goals were to be a major league baseball player or a graphic designer. I loved to play the game and the same could be said for drawing, painting and designing.   Combining concepts, paint and baseballs, I created images utilizing a variety of subjects. Pictured are a collection of themes such as “Woodstock:” “USA:” and “Halito.”  Using the original logo of the 1969 music and art fair, this was my tribute to Woodstock (guitar neck supporting a dove).  The “USA” baseball utilizes red stripes and the letters USA. The darker panel is a painting of recognizable buildings and structures from the West Coast and the Golden Gate Bridge, to the East Coast and the Twin Towers in New York City.  The “Halito” ball (English translation means “hello”) has an unstrung bow with three arrows and a peace pipe on the field of yellow. This illustrates the Choctaw Nation seal. The bow is unstrung representing the civilized tribe the Choctaws are, but may be strung to defend if needed. The three arrows represent Choctaw Chiefs: Apuckshunnubbe, Pushmataha, and Moshulatubbee – who signed the Treaty of Doaks Stand (1820), by which the United States assigned the tribe a vast domain west (all of Southern Oklahoma) for a part of the Choctaw land in Mississippi.
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Copyright © 2012 PKARTZ, L.L.C. | All Rights Reserved

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